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Grounds Maintenance

Tulip Garden Design Ltd, we carry out a range of commercial and corporate grounds maintenance services across the South East of England. Making a good first impression is paramount to any sector, and showcasing a professional, well-kept premises is the best way to guarantee this. Having a grounds maintenance contract in place ensures that this is always the case.

We offer a wide variety of tasks involved in the care and maintenance of gardens or external spaces. From pruning and grass cutting to gritting and weed control, grounds maintenance is an essential step to take in caring for your premises.

Ground maintenance contracts will often work on a year-round contract, with a base level of services provided regardless of the time of year, and then specific services added on a one-off or seasonal basis.

If you have a need for this service or up for a renewal, we offer competitive rates.

Regular Seasonal Tasks, Lawn Mowing and Care Gritting, Hedge Maintenance Tree Surgery, Litter Picking Weed Control,  Car Park Clearing, Planting & Leaf blowing 


Most businesses that have outdoor land will require maintenance. However different sectors need tailored managed maintenance  during the seasons. For example, those in the education sector will require more intensive maintenance done during school holidays, and regular maintenance will need to be carried out during lessons to prevent any danger to students.

Ensuring your contract is flexible and adapts to your needs is key. Your contract will provide you with the right services for your grounds, we offer weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. As the seasons pass, your grounds maintenance priorities will need to change, too. A grounds maintenance contract will allow you to plan ahead, so your grounds will be clean and operational all year round. 

Seasonal Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance in Spring 

Spring is a time for new beginnings, assess and cutting back some plants looking for early signs of pests and diseases. Gritting will continue if weather conditions require this. Weed control and grass cutting begins. By the end of the season, knotweed management has begun (if necessary). 

Grounds Maintenance in Summer 

During summer, a lot of ongoing work will need to be carried out on grounds. Pruning, grass cutting, and hedge maintenance all take a precedence in summer months, as this is when most active part of the growing season 

It’s also a chance to plant any seeds, and assess the health of any on site plants.  

Grounds Maintenance in Autumn  

Autumn time is when, leaf blowing and clearance becomes an important maintenance task and doing pre-winter checks such as weather proofing surfaces or tender plants, preparing the soil and mulching, assessing faults and carrying out repairs. Planting out bulbs and cutting plants back ready for winter.  

Grounds Maintenance in Winter 

During winter season, it’s important to prepare the ground and start planning for the spring season. Gritting Programs will also start, Gritting contracts can either form part of your yearly grounds maintenance contract, or it can be an additional service if required.

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